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Faculties and Academic Units

The best brightest, most engaged faculty and staff are attracted to universities offering high quality facilities and financial support for academic and research activity. With a variety of Faculties and Academic Units to support, you can choose to make a difference to your area of interest.


Faculty of ArtsStudents find their passion in the Faculty of Arts. They study what they are curious about and what excites them; subjects that are interesting and meaningful, that will serve them throughout their personal and professional life. Arts students have the opportunity to study important aspects of our society and learn to study in ways that develop sophisticated skills like critical thinking.

Your support of this program will impact many students.

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Department of AthleticsWith your financial support, U of R Athletics will be better positioned to provide student-athletes with the academic resources and assistance they need to succeed, address a wider range of student-athletes’ needs, recruit and retain top coaches, provide community sport teams with increased services and facilities, and ensure that the Cougars and Rams are consistent contenders in play-offs and at championships.

Your gift will help us create an environment where all of these things exist – thereby helping the U of R recruit the very best student-athletes.

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Business Administration

Faculty of BusinessPaul J. Hill School of Business
Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business

The Hill and Levene Schools of Business at the University of Regina prepare career- ready leaders with programming specifically tailored to the needs of the changing job market now, and into the future.

With your financial support, the University of Regina’s Hill and Levene Schools of Business will continue to evolve and thrive in the 21st century and beyond.

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Continuing Education

Centre for Continuing EducationAt the Centre for Continuing Education, we strive to meet the needs of non-traditional lifelong learners. We believe in partnerships, community and the value of active minds and active lives.

Your support will assist students with many different reasons for coming to the Centre. From newborns and their parents participating in a Conservatory class and high school students taking University of Regina courses while still in grade 12 through adult students getting ahead in their career or finishing a degree and retirees brushing up on their Spanish or Canadian history, you will find people in all stages of life learning.

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Dr. John Archer University Library and Archives

University Library“The spiritual heart of the University”, the Dr. John Archer Library and Archives plays an essential role in every student’s academic experience and success. Our resources and services inspire and support learning and research for the entire U of R community – students, faculty, staff, alumni and the public.

Your gift to the Archer Library is a gift to every student and faculty member.

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Centre for Health, Wellness and Performance

Dr. Paul Schwann CentreThe Centre for Health, Wellness and Performance offers many community-based programs and initiatives, including Rock Steady Boxing, Enrich Community Neurorehab, and the Love 2 Live program. These programs demonstrate that the University understands the importance of community involvement.

You can choose to direct your gift to one of the many areas of community support and together, we can make our community stronger.

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EducationThe ongoing ability to innovate and adapt is key to the Faculty of Education remaining at the forefront of teacher education within Saskatchewan and across Canada – ensuring that future and current teachers are fully prepared and supported for the future of education.

With your financial support, the University of Regina’s Faculty of Education will continue to evolve and thrive in the 21st century and beyond.

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Engineering & Applied Science

Engineering and Applied ScienceDemand for highly-qualified and compassionate engineers is increasing at a rapid rate. Students receive an all-encompassing education and graduate with theoretical engineering knowledge as well as courses in project management, economics, and business. This varied education helps graduates to successfully navigate the changing needs of their profession now and into the future.

With your financial support, the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences can continue this forward-thinking approach, and help the profession thrive in the 21st century and beyond.

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Graduate Studies & Research

Faculty of Graduate Studies and ResearchThe Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) emphasizes the partnership of teaching and research that provides the essence of any university: the dissemination and expansion of knowledge.

With your support, our programs and research centres will respond to the ever-changing needs of our global community.

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Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

Johnson-Shoyama School of Public PolicyTo meet the nation’s demand for quality policy analysts, public servants, academics and researchers, the JSGS is educating and inspiring students to become part of a new generation of great leaders. Here, our students have the freedom to grow, test and realize their ideas while discovering ways to make a positive impact in the world.

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Kinesiology & Health Studies

Faculty of Kinesiology and Health StudiesThe Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies is a dynamic and growing unit on campus that is constantly evolving to meet the changing nature of the kinesiology and health studies field. The Faculty’s researchers investigate a number of topics that affect people’s health and mobility, and improve people’s quality of life. Students gain valuable hands-on experience working under the guidance of our researchers in community-based programs.

Your support will impact the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

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La Cité universitaire francophone

La Cité universitaire francophoneLa Cité universitaire francophone is not only a symbol of linguistic and cultural diversity, but also essential to the development of the University of Regina and to the Francophone community located on and off-campus. La Cité is the beating heart of French-language education. It is the product of the mutual understanding between the University of Regina and Saskatchewan’s Francophonie.

With your support, La Cité will continue to meet the needs of Saskatchewan’s French-speakers, no matter their first language.

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Media, Art, and Performance

Faculty of Media, Art, and PerformanceThe Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance is the ultimate playground for the imagination. Students are provided with the latest technologies and tools to help bring their ideas to life.

Your support will ensure students are exposed to highly creative environments, where skills are gained through technical hands-on learning combined with critical and theoretical study.

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Faculty of NursingToday’s registered nurses are often the first health-care professional that a patient meets. They are clinicians, knowledge workers, educators, advocates, and leaders ready to meet the complex needs of patients today, providing care using their hearts, minds, intellect, and experience.

Your support will enhance student success, impact research opportunities at home and abroad, and ensure ongoing excellence within our province’s health care system.

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Faculty of ScienceThe Faculty of Science values excellence in research, high-quality teaching, enthusiasm for discovery, and collaboration. Through its teaching and research, the Faculty helps Saskatchewan and Canada remain equipped with the knowledge base and human resources necessary for facing the challenges of our future.

Your financial support will enable the Faculty of Science to continue its reach within our communities and its investment in our students and academic programs.

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Social Work

The Faculty of Social Work is dedicated to providing high quality education, while teaching our students to identify the needs of the disadvantaged, marginalized and oppressed, and empower individuals, families, and communities to realize their full potential.

Your gift will expand and enhance experiential and service learning opportunities in academic programming and enhance the quality of the Field Education Practicum experience for faculty, staff, and students.

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Supporters like you help to make a difference every day.