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meet erin macaulay-davalos!

Erin MacAulay Davalos

Hailing from Nova Scotia, Erin has called Regina her Prairie home, and the University of Regina her employer, since 2017. Erin’s vibrant, busy family – with three children, a Labradane, and her musician husband – keeps her on her toes.


As U of R's Leadership Giving Officer, Erin works with donors to ensure their philanthropic goals are met – by establishing awards, aligning donor giving and what donors are passionate about, or establishing gifts in will. She makes sure that donors know how much their support and commitment means to the U of R and our students, and keeps them up to date with what’s happening at the University.


“Hands down, my favourite part of my role is meeting people - hearing stories about their lives and what inspires them to give to the U of R. I've met so many interesting people over coffee - I'm missing that interaction right now, but am making do with Zoom and phone calls."


Outside of the office, Erin has a passion for the outdoors and nature.


“I used to take horseback riding lessons when I was younger. Due to the pandemic, I was able to find the time to get involved in riding again. It’s the highlight of my week!”


With a mission to discover the best nature spots around Regina, Erin has enlisted the help of U of R donors.


“I’ve actually learned of many hidden gems in the city through conversations I’ve had with U of R supporters. Everyone has been so warm and welcoming...and they don't mind sharing their favourite green spaces around town.”


If you would like to meet Erin or have any suggestions for future stories to feature in Unite, feel free to call at 306-337-2906 or email at

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