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Matched Gifts

There are two ways that your donation to the University of Regina may be matched, increasing the impact of your gift:

  • Programs that offer matched gift opportunities.
  • Employer-matched gifts.

Programs That Offer Matched Gift Opportunities

Certain fundraising priorities and initiatives are supported by generous donors who will match your donation.

If you would like to encourage others to give to one of fundraising priorities, consider talking with Maria Smith about creating a matching gift program. Maria can be reached at 306-337-2521.

Employer-Matched Gifts

If you or your spouse works for a corporation with a matching gift program, you could be eligible to have your donation matched by your organization. Follow the steps below to see if you can magnify the impact of your gift … perhaps even doubling it … by taking advantage of your employer's program.

If you have questions regarding the employer matching gift program, please contact Maria Smith at 306-337-2521.

1. Search For Your Employer

Search for your employer using our easy-to-use tool to see if your employer offers a matching gift program and if your donation qualifies for a matching gift.

If your employer is not found by the search, please contact your Human Resources department to confirm; or, follow the directions to submit a request to HEPdata, our service provider.

2. Make Your Donation

Make your donation to the University of Regina. Review the ways to give to select from the many options available to you, or simply use our Online Donation Form

3. Apply To Your Organization's Matching Program

If your donation qualifies, follow the instructions provided by your organization for its matching gift program.

Most matching gift application processes require a copy of your gift receipt. If you choose to donate online, print out another copy of your gift receipt. If you choose a different way to give, you will need to copy the gift receipt for your matching gift application after you receive the receipt in the mail.

4. Receive Recognition

If your employer lets us know that they are matching your gift, when we receive the matching gift from your organization, we’ll be sure to recognize you for this additional gift.

Supporters like you help to make a difference every day.